Organisation and Reorganisation

The changes, adjustments and realignments of the corporate processes present perennial requirements for your company, the management and employees.

We offer a holistic approach for a short-term, quick and ideal orientation.

Our proven method “SWITCH-Analysis“ guarantees a project specific, structured procedure for you to quickly achieve your goals.

  1. Conception
  2. Project management
  3. Supporting the leaders in the change process
  4. Concrete operational implementation with your employees

Depending on the available resources, we can support you in the conception up to the entire implementation or individual areas.

This holds the following benefits for your company:

  • Minimization of the expenses for the business process design
  • Focus on the mega processes and their integration
  • Quick identification of weaknesses of the current processes compared to the available branch processes through benchmarking
  • Localisation of unique selling points compared  to benchmarks and building up the strengths
  • Elimination of the detected process steps that are less efficient compared to the benchmarks
  • Simplification of business processes
  • Reduction of the use of resources for the settlement of processes
  • Increase in the process speed and process reliability

Thanks to 30 years of branch-specific experience and the know-how that we gained from it, our focus lies on the target structure and the mega processes.

Über uns

GB Controlling steht seit mehr als 40 Jahren für höchste Qualität in allen Belangen der vollintegrierten Unternehmensplanung.

Die Erfahrungen und das Wissen der führenden Köpfe stecken in der CASAcomplete, dem 360° Planungstool für mittelständische und große Unternehmen. Der Fokus der Software liegt auf der effizienten und
einfachen Werte-Eingabe und flexiblen Planung auf Knopfdruck.

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