Manual creation of operational segment plans (ongoing)

After the creation of the cost centre planning, the operational segment plans, which are listed below, are constantly updated manually in the “rolling forecast (ROF)“.

Additionally, with its fully integrated business methods, CasaComplete offers the following benefits:

  • A current view on all automatic segment plans for the desired time period at any time.
  • Little effort for the creation of your planning, via a maximal degree of automation.
  • All impacts on all segment plans down to the results even for short-term modifications are presented directly.

Sales and price planning for third parties

The ongoing, initially periodic update of the sales and price planning (quantity planning) is used as an important basis for the corporate controlling.

You continuously record your sales planning in a rolling forecast or according to your planning cycles top down or bottom up in a free chooseable structure. Sales for quantitatively planned items are automatically identified.

Sales and prices can be planned on any level. There is no need to plan intercompany-quantities because they are automatically deduced from the corporate group BOMs, which are recorded in the CasaComplete. You can, for instance, plan A-products with A-customers on item/customer level, B-products with B-customers on item group level, and all other products on the level of region and product group.

This means, every planning can be created on the level, where the information is available. All plannings that are listed under Automatized creation of the operational segment plans are created on this basis.

In order to support the planning, all information can, depending on your need, be displayed by:
1. Current planning of the periods
2. Latest forecast of the periods
3. Actuals of the comparable periods
4. Current order backlock
5. Development of the order intake by date of delivery

The collection of the planning data is made by using flexible pivots.

Sales planning for third parties

You can collect third party sales on any desired level.

Ongoing, initially periodic updates of the sales plannings for which no sales planning is available, serve as a substantial basis for the corporate planning.
The accruals and deferrals between sales and quantity planned volumes take place through an individual configuration.
Similarly to the sales planning, the planning can be made on every level.
Data from the sales and sales revenue planning are combined in the total sales planning.

Supplementation of the performance related cost centre planning

Changes in the structures have to be taken into account in the existing cost planning. This means that new cost centres of the production or the secondary level have to be added. Changes have to be made as soon as the organization, the layering or the technology of a cost centre changes.

With the CasaComplete, you are able to use flexible copy features and a clear multifunctional planning mask to implement changes quickly.

It is essential to integrate recognized changes as fast as possible to make them available for the forecast actual accountings, and new forecasts.
Through that, the „charge peaks“ are eliminated  as well.

Adjustments of the V+V cost centres

Changes in the fixed cost volumes or supplementation of new cost centres in the V+V area need to be taken into consideration.
With the CasaComplete, you are able to use flexible copy features and a clear multifunctional planning mask to implement changes quickly.
The planning is available for forecast, actual accountings and new budgetary accounts at any time.

Project planning for different project types

The plannings of the projects display their external costs as well as the internal performances. The internal performances are assessed automated with the cost rates of the cost centres/activity types.
The projects can further be allocated to other projects or cost centres.

Project types:

  • Investment projects
  • Development projects
  • Maintenance projects
  • Customer projects
  • Accruals and deferrals projects

You can set any project accountings and planning structures, by utilizing the lucid master data masks. The planning of primary costs and cost centre performances for these projects is carried out for every partial project per cost centre, by using easy pivots.

Adjustment of the lifecycle planning

CasaComplete’s lifecycle planning presents all investments, investment subsidies, quota allocations and contribution margins (sales and production costs) for the whole lifecycle of a product.

Project master data can be combined as required, investments can be planned within the projects (see development planning), the configuration of quota allocations with automated accruals and deferrals can be defined in a table and linking of projects with products allows the integration of the contribution margin. You are able to portray various planning states (original planning, revising planning, planning for the state of production, planning during rising quantities, etc.) at the same time.

The lifecycle planning always compares the current status of the investments made and the contribution margin that are reached with them, as well as all previously defined planning states. A settlement with the customers is possible in an easy and transparent way.

Planning investments

The basis for the investment controlling are the planned investments that are integrated automatically into the depreciation calculation.

Our product manages to collect investments, adjust them in iteration processes and pass them. On the basis of your effective life per fixed-asset group, depreciations can be determined automatically.

Thanks to our workflow management, status and release of the process can be managed in an easy and consistent way.

Planning procurement / purchase prices

The procurement defines the master and delivery agreements and general price changes on every desired level and time axis.

The CasaComplete automatically identifies the shopping basket per supplier. The shopping basket arises from the requirements of the retrograde liquidation. It serves as the procurement’s base for fulfilment of demand and price agreement.
Terminated requirements of materials and performances from agreements with suppliers are considered automatically. All the information about shortfalls or surpluses is available automatized for the sales. This allows the procurement to optimize agreements with suppliers concerning prices and incidental expenses at an early stage.
As a result, the requirements are covered and prices are available to serve as the basis for the calculation and the planning of the rationalization for materials.

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