Fully integrated corporate planning and forecast

CasaComplete provides you with a consistent, fully integrated planning solution for all your companies and plants. It creates and synchronizes all segment plans for sales, production/logistics, development, purchasing, personnel, accounting, finances and controlling.

Having the fully integrated corporate planning your segment plans are completely harmonized with one another and the creations maximally automatized.

From your sales-, purchase cost-, and development planning that is manually recorded in the system, you can immediately obtain your standard cost calculation-, contribution margin-, results-, cost centre-, human resources-, project-, lifecycle-, capacity-, material requirements-, liquidity-, invest-, and performance planning; as well as profit and loss accounting, intercompany requirements, IC- internal transfer and prices.

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The information, which is obtainable from your systems, is integrated automatized into the functions of CasaComplete.

CasaComplete automatically creates a piece list for all your plants. Thus, intercompany-deliveries and –performances can be disclosed and profit and loss accounting, balance sheets and liquidity can be shown in the analysis.

.Through the coherent, automatic reporting system up to document level, you get a completely consistent analysis tool for your actual- planned- and estimated values. CasaComplete’s pivot-functionality allows a simple and flexible reporting system.

All the information that is not or not easily attainable from the ERP-system, can be generated and outlined.

You define your work centre to quickly and simply leverage the required functionality. The workflow-management supports you in multi-stage processes, as completed tasks inform the responsible persons of subsequent tasks.

Rolling forecast (ROF)

In the ROF up-to-date information for plannings is actualized constantly in the segment plans that have to be created manually. The ROF is the basis for the forecasts, the budget and the multi-year plan which are created automatically. With its fully integrated corporate planning, the CasaComplete is able to automatically create a current “rolling forecast” any time. This forecast includes all segment plans for you companies, plants and the entire consolidated company.

As a result, plannings and forecasts can be created at the push of a button.

The current status of the rolling forecast is used as a snapshot and “simulated” for every planning.

The consequences that changes have become apparent before you make decisions. Costs, results and the attainment of corporate goals are displayed transparently and consistently, without changing the ROF.


By considering the actual values, CasaComplete automatically creates forecast accounts for the current financial year and arbitrary other time periods,

The segment plans are actualized in the “rolling forecast“ and adjusted in a simulation for the periods of planning of the forecast in a snapshot per forecast. From the actual accounting actual data of the accounted months are added.

By considering all current changes up to the lowest level, you immediately know the forecast of your corporate results, by considering all current changes up to the lowest level.

Mulit-year planning

The creation of a multi-year planning for the current financial year or any other time period is possible at any time in the CasaComplete.

The segment plans that are actualized in the „rolling forecast” are presented in a snapshot for the periods of the multi-year planning. The individual planning-calculations are automatically adjusted in a simulation. They are available as an individual planning version. Evaluations for the various periods of planning and versions are instantly available in all levels.


You get automatized deviation analyses according to sales, sales price, production costs, product mix, usage, volume and material cost variances. These analyses immediately allow taking a look at the reasons for changes. CasaComplete’s pivots provide you with the ability to flexibly set up, choose and oppose relevant data.

All planned, actual and forecast data, as well as planned – planned, planned – actual and actual – actual analysis can be compared in arbitrary structured pivots. With more than 80 predefined pivots you have analyses at hand that can be adapted and added to at any time.

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