Based on the current rolling sales planning, CasaComplete provides you with a fully integrated view of all your company’s or your group of company’s identified requirements. This allows:

  • Ensuring quantitatively and qualitatively fitting materials
  • Minimising the purchasing price and optimizing the sales contract policies
  • Considering existing contracts, longevity of supply, number and dimension of the suppliers for risk optimisation.
  • Optimisation of the supply chain management

You get all information about the effects that changes have on e.g.

  • payment conditions
  • procurement prices and rates
  • wage and raw material indices
  • discounts, bonuses and scale prices
  • supplier structure (number and dimension of the suppliers)
  • capacity utilisation of suppliers
  • production sites

Consequently, the following questions can be answered immediately:

  • Do you know your current material requirement, based on the rolling sales planning?
  • Do you know effects that changes of the payment conditions have on your corporate result and liquidity planning?
  • Do you know the effects that changes of listed materials haven on yourproducts?
  • Do you know the effects that your sales quantity has on the IC-accounting of your group of companies and on the performance of different plans?

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GB Controlling steht seit mehr als 40 Jahren für höchste Qualität in allen Belangen der vollintegrierten Unternehmensplanung.

Die Erfahrungen und das Wissen der führenden Köpfe stecken in der CASAcomplete, dem 360° Planungstool für mittelständische und große Unternehmen. Der Fokus der Software liegt auf der effizienten und
einfachen Werte-Eingabe und flexiblen Planung auf Knopfdruck.

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