Finance and Top Management

Information for the top management are, inter alia, available in the profit and loss accounting/ balance sheet and management income statement

Profit and loss planning

CasaComplete automatically determines revenues, costs and results out of the segment plans of the integrated corporate planning. These data is arranged by accounts and groups of accounts and made available for different structures like UGB, IFRS or internal-reporting-structures. This way, cost and result structures can also be evaluated in the course of a period comparison.

This also comprises the listing by plant charts of accounts plus summarizations, and by corporate group charts of accounts plus summarizations.

The transition and the adjustment to the management income statement is made automatically.

Intercompany transfer price planning

CasaComplete offers a quick calculation of all your segment plans for your plants, companies and even the level of corporate groups. In the calculations, it considers the intercompany transfer prices.

You get the transfer prices, which are calculated with all transfers between plants and companies, split into costs and surcharge.

The transfer prices can be generated from costs + surcharge per plant or costs+ differentiated surcharge per plant and cost element.

Results are available in the profit and loss accounting and the result planning that is sorted by plants. They are presented in a discretionarily layered corporate group structure on a consolidated level.

Result planning – management income statement

CasaComplete’s management income statement is an income statement that is based on functions.

The structure of the contribution margins and thereby, the results from the production/production costs are identified in the first part. Further parts allow insight into the functions research and development, administration and sales – embedded in your company-specific structure.
As a result you get the operating result, EBIT, EBITDA, etc. divided into planned, actual and forecast. Based on that, a transition to the profit and loss accounting is made in the actual. Data that is not included in the operational result, such as financial result, expenses/income, as well as differences between accruals and deferrals of the cost accounting and the financial accounting are shown.

The results structure can be listed according to plants, operational areas, profit centres, segment presentation, business divisions, etc. with or without intercompany- allocations. Via drilldown, all evaluations can be analysed up to document level.

The CasaComplete provides you with all summarized plan variants and the results can be structured in any desired way, according to functions, periods and segments as the basis for evaluating the cost and result structure.

All segment plans, like sales planning, cost centre planning, product calculation, project allocation, lifecycle calculation, contribution margin accounting, provide the integrated data that is used for the management income statement.

Liquidity planning

CasaComplete automatically provides your Liquidity planning on a daily basis, taking into account:

Opening balance
Open receivables and payables
Due date for payment
Order backlog
Payment Cylce
Output of CasaComplete fully integrated planning 

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