The CasaComplete supports your controlling processes for all corporate divisions, like corporate management, sales, production/logistics, procurement, project business, development and quality assurance.

The fully integrated corporate planning and the simultaneous display of the actual data from your previous operational systems allows you to spread you evaluations and reports automatically through workflow amongst the responsible personnel of the company. Your evaluations and reports can be distributed as planned/actual comparison, target/actual comparison, planned/planned comparison and as any other scenario.

The professional business methods and the fully integrated calculation that are integrated into the CasaComplete allow a maximally automatized implementation of the corporate planning for budgeting and forecasts.

On the basis of the plannings (sales, purchase and development planning) that have to be entered manually into the system you immediately get your standard cost calculation, contribution margin, result, cost centre, human resources, project, lifecycle, capacity, material requirement, performance requirement planning, as well as profit and loss accounting, intercompany requirements, IC-allocations and prices. + New

The CasaComplete shows the relevant results for all corporate divisions that enable you to analyse and if necessary adapt implications with the responsible personnel before you make a decision.

CasaComplete’s consistency provides the employees, who are responsible for the different areas, with the possibility to access results immediately and simultaneously. Individual segments need not be joined together.

There is no need for time-consuming coordination meetings, to get an overview. Results can be clearly focussed and you can discuss them on the basis of facts from transparent origins. Through the full integration in the planning you can considerably reduce your planning efforts und simultaneously maximize the quality of your results.


Title: process of planning Casa Complete

Finance controlling

For the finance controlling, the CasaComplete puts information from the segment plans that you need in planned and forecast automatized at your disposal. The used segment plans can be cost centre plannings, project plannings, calculations, contribution margin planning or lifecycle planning. Consequently, you get completely synchronized profit and loss account plannings, balance sheet plannings, management income statement, intercompany allocations and liquidity planning.

Data from the previous operational system is automatically taken over to the actual and can then be used for planned/actual comparisons in the same structure.

Sales and result controlling

The CasaComplete enables you to automatically carry out all analysis that are relevant for sales and results, for instance:

  • Automatic ABC-analyses by sales price, quantity, product mix and cost deviations
  • Determination of contribution margins, and summarizations on any desired level, like customers, areas, sales force, items, group of items, strategic entity,  corporate level
  • Impacts of different prices per market segment
  • Impacts of individual price changes and discounts
  • Impacts of changes of special direct costs like commissions and freight, on your corporate result and on all your divisions
  • Implement changes of the cost prices or production cost elements

All evaluations are available in any desired valuations type, like planning, offer, order, invoicing, forecast, etc.

Reasons for deviations respectively changes can be identified clearly, fast and consistently. Measures for prevention can be implemented prior to a decision and measures for optimization can easily be traced.

You decide on the way that is used to distribute reports (Email with attachment, HTML, XLS, PDF, direct access). You can easily create and convey reporting structures and levels per receiver.

Through workflow, you can trigger distribution in an automatized way.
CasaComplete’s sales planning can simultaneously use top down and bottom up for any number of periods, either centralized or decentralized.

Success through right decisions with the CasaComplete. You can inform decision-makers about effects on the corporate result with all segments – before decisions are made.

Overhead controlling

CasaComplete‘s overhead controlling enables you to quickly and easily identify changes of:

  • Personnel costs
  • Working hours
  • Technologies
  • Risk reduction
  • Expansion and replacement investment
  • The corporate structure, which can be compared and you can determine your ideal scenario.

You gain transparency, most of all with respect to the consumption variances and volume variances and the observance of cost rates.

The integrated corporate planning enables you to get:

  • Automatic secondary cost allocation
  • Automatic cost rate establishment
  • Quantity planning with sources/prices
  • Automatic surcharge allocation
  • Automatized primary cost determination
  • Automatized planning of accruals and deferrals

Project and order controlling

The project accounting of the CasaComplete includes manifold functions for different applications, such as:

  • Investment projects
  • Customer order projects
  • Production order product cost analysis
  • Cost estimation for projects
  • Development projects
  • Internal orders for further calculations in other orders or cost centres
  •  Accruals

All of these orders and projects can be balanced in planned, actual and forecast. The projects’ debits are calculated according to predefined business methods and transferred to other projects, cost centres, contribution margin accounting, management income statement and profit and loss accounting in planned, forecast and actual.

Production controlling

In the CasaComplete, evaluations are presented in a standardized way. They allow you to analyse impacts of for example

  • Changes of operations and resources
  • Production processes
  • Substitute material
  • changed production depth
  • changes of the lot sizes
  • changes of the cost prizes

on production costs and the direct corporate  result in any desired summarization structure and up to document level.

With the fully integrated corporate planning that CasaComplete provides, you can quickly and easily carry this out for all your plan and forecast versions as well. All impacts are available before you make decisions.


Planning, simulation and forecast

In the CasaComplete the process of planning includes the manual creation of the following segment plans:

  • Sales and price planning
  • Cost centre planning – one-off
  • Project planning

All other segments plans are created automated after a synchronization as well. Then, the following segment plans can be created automated from the BOMs, work schedules, work centres etc.., which can be taken from the ERP-system:

  • Revenue settlement and determination of the special direct costs of the  sales
  • Determination of the material requirements
  • Determination of planned activity per work centre
  • Allocation of the projects and orders plus lifecycle projects
  • Adjustment of the cost centre planning to the new planes activity volume
  • Determination of the new cost rates
  • Standard cost calculation of the products
  • Contribution margin accounting
  • Management income statement
  • Planned profit and loss accounting
  • Planned balance sheets
  • Liquidity planning

After the singular generation of a planning you can automatically create a scenario in a planning version for all segment plans by adjusting parameters such as currency, prices, sales… Those segment plans are automatically harmonized with one another.

Forecasts are created through the assembling the current actual data of the subsystems for the actual-period and the currently simulated forecast data for the planning time period.

Procurement controlling

CasaComplete supports you with procurement by providing the current requirements in shopping baskets per supplier. These ongoing current forecasts can be used to review the current coverings and adjustments of the orders and demands.

Therefore, a need for amendment can be deduced from the dynamic planning at the earliest possible date. The CasaComplete identifies third party material requirements per plant and presents them parallel to the intercompany requirements.

The planned purchase rationalization potential is presented with the calculated values from the actual.

Development and lifecycle controlling

CasaComplete provides you with a complete lifecycle presentation that covers all phases of a product.

  1. research
  2. development
  3. product introduction – pilot series
  4. production
  5. spare part phase
  6. outlet

All costs, revenues, contribution margins, investments and subsidies, plus their allocations are presented over all phases and periods of the product’s lifecycle in planned and actual.

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