Casa Complete

CasaComplete is an all-in-one solution for your fully integrated corporate planning, your rolling forecast and your accounting.

CasaComplete’s scope of service includes a fully automatized integration of all your segment plans per plant, company and group of companies. It also allows you to compare actual, planned and estimated data on discretionary levels and summarization structures.

CasaComplete offers maximally automatized, integrated planning of all corporate divisions: sales, production/logistics, development, purchase, personnel, accounting, finances and controlling.


Maximised Automatisation & Synchronisation of Planing

Only sales, purchase price and development planning have to be entered manually into the CasaComplete and from that you immediately get your standard cost calculation, contribution margin, result, cost centre, human resources, project, lifecycle, capacity, material and performance planning, as well as profit and loss, balance sheet, liquidity, intercompany requirement, IC-accounting and prices.

You know the effects that planned changes have on all corporate divisions and you are informed about the segment plans and even a consolidated profit and loss accounting, balance sheets and liquidity before you make a final decision.

You can not only use CasaComplete as a complete solution but it is also applicable to partial steps or individual sections.

Learn more about CasaComplete’s end-to-end solutions and their enormous benefits. For a personal presentation of our product, make an appointment with us.

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