casa complete processes

CasaComplete processes are available in „rule batches“ that allow a complete calculation of plannings, forecasts or actual cost settlements with one single click.

There are also „rule batches“ for partial steps that make the processes more flexible.

The process of plannning

At a click of a button in the CasaComplete, a complete planning is created and all segment plans are harmonized with one another.

As a result all segment plans are integrated and available in version 1.

If you choose to create more versions of a planning, the system makes a copy of the current version 1 before further calculations are made.


  • Adjustment of the segment plans in the valuation typevalutation type„ROF“ (rolling forecast)
  • Complete calculation
  • Creation of project planning and profit and loss accounting
  • Creation of profit and loss accounting

The forecast process

By opening the period of planning, CasaComplete creates a complete forecast and all segment plans are reconciled. Additionally, actual data is incorporated into the current period that is before the timeframe of planning.

As a result, you get the expected state of all segment plans for a financial year.


  • Adjustment of the segment plans in the valuation typevaluation type„ROF“ (Rolling Forecast)
  • complete ROF-creation
  • Regeneration of project planning and profit and loss accounting
  • Regeneration of profit and loss accounting

The rolling forecast process (ROF)

CasaComplete’s rolling forecast provides the actual planning data that can always be used for a planning or forecast calculation for the current financial year or any desired period of time.


  • First creation of a planning
  • Adjustment of the data in the valuation type „ROF“ (Rolling Forecast)

Before using the ROF for planning and forecast processes, all formal errors are resolved and, therefore, content and factually accurate segment plans can be provided for further processing.


CasaComplete uses relevant actual data from your operational system to create daily or periodic actual-billings for all sections with available segment plans. Thereby, you have planned, estimated and actual data comparisons and their deviation analyses at hand. Consequently, potential need for action can be detected efficiently and transparently.


  • Actual data import and master data update
  • Error checking
  • Full settlement that includes:
    • Cost centre accounting plus estimated cost calculation and actual billing,
    • Project accounting, calculation, contribution margin accounting, management-reporting system plus recording of the actual number of employees,

Order backlock, order intake plus all other data that is relevant for corporate controlling.

Analysis tool


Quickly utilizing actual, planned and estimated data as the basis for making right decisions and functioning as information source for decision-makers.


  • Pivots as a way of comparison of the actual, planned and estimated; plan – plan comparisons, comparison of different versions
  • Automated deviation analyses according to causes (quantity variance, price variance, cost variance, volume variance, consumption variance, etc.)
  • Reports
  • Report portfolios plus their automatic arrangement

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